ECON20003 Quantitative Methods 2

After the reform in 2020, QM2 abandoned the previous Eviews and switched to the same software as ECOM1, Rstudio, which is more practical. If you just look at the syllabus, you will feel that the two courses "seem" to be similar, but in terms of teaching content, the types of hypothesis tests learned in QM2 will be much more than those in ECOM1. And will use the Logit model, the binary dependent variable model.

The prerequisite for this course is that students need to complete and pass five courses including ECON10005 Quantitative Methods 1, MAST10010, MAST10011, MAST20004, and MAST20006. Click on GPA for details.

Homework: First of all, in the fifth week, ninth week, and twelfth week, students are required to complete a quantitative data analysis, which includes data sets, graphs, charts, and equations, each of which is about 10 pages of words are required. The second assignment is an online exam, the content is not difficult, it is just a midterm exam, which includes data processing, graphs, and models. The test time is 45 minutes, and the amount of questions is a bit large, so we must pay attention to the reasonable allocation of time. The third homework needs to be completed in class, and the class time is 2 hours. This homework is consistent with the pre-data analysis content, about 10 pages of the word, and the teacher will give the data in class. The proportion of this homework is not high, but the workload is heavy. You must follow the teacher's steps carefully in class because if you are not careful, you will make mistakes in the following steps. The last homework is a 3-hour final exam, which contains the knowledge points learned throughout the semester, mostly data analysis and operation questions. The teacher will give the formula in advance, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the formula before the exam.

The whole QM2 can be summed up in one sentence, that is, QM2 learns more widely, and ECOM1 learns more deeply. If you want to learn ECOM2 students, QM2 requires a score of 75+ or above. It is generally reflected that QM2 is simpler than ECOM1, and it is ok to use both.


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