BIZ101 Business Communications-Ghost writing, tutoring, mathematics, drawing, table making, exams, reports

BIZ101 is a compulsory course for the business major of Torrens University. The full name is Data and Networking. It is a basic course and the course difficulty is relatively small.

BIZ101 has a total of 3 assignments

Assessment1-Evidence-based Response, accounting for 20%

The first assignment of BIZ101 is an individual assignment, which requires writing 800 words and consists of 3 tasks

Task 1 is a scenario about academic integrity: you are a student tutor at Torrens University, and as part of your role, you are required to provide information and advice to guide and support your fellow students and must refer to Torrens University’s Academic Integrity Policy and Academic Procedures.

Task 2 Write 250 words to describe how you have achieved academic success. By understanding your learning style, you can better realize your potential in academic study. Critically evaluate your research, academic, and business writing. Learning how to manage your time and developing critical thinking and application skills is also important.

Task 3, write a 250-word business communication model. Communication is considered to be one of the three major skills required for employment in the 21st century.

You have learned about many business communication models, write down two models of business communication, and why are they important. What are the barriers to success in business communication?

Assignment 2 is divided into two parts, and the content is related to the task of implementing a digital communication strategy in a network environment. To solve a communication problem in a real organization, you need to choose one from the given list of topics.

Assessment2 Part A-Report Outline and Source Analysis, accounting for 25%

Part A is to write an outline for Part B, and the report outline is mainly to write what can be obtained from different parts of the report. The analysis of resources that are the subject of the report includes two academic and two non-academic resources that are relevant to your chosen topic and are useful for writing the assignment 2PartB report. Five reliability tests are applied to each resource.

Assessment2 Part B-Written Report, accounting for 35%

Part B is to write a 1200-word business report in the context of business communication technology, communicating your ideas and proposals to a range of stakeholders. Based on the report outline and source analysis in Assignment 2A, use the same topics to write a full report.

Assessment3-Presentation, accounting for 20%

The last assignment of BIZ101 can be done individually or in groups of 3. This assignment is based on the report of Assignment 2B (if it is completed by a group, choose one of the 3 reports), and give a speech on the content of Assignment 2B.


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