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Corporate Finance This course examines the fundamental concepts of finance and the key skills required for good financial management in companies. It introduces important concepts and key issues in finance, provides essential guidance for solving corporate financial problems, and assesses some of the key theories of modern finance to provide a substantive basis for the discipline, including for students to undertake more advanced financial studies and prepare for it. In corporate finance, valuation principles are at the heart of what financial managers consider in their corporate investment and financing decisions. Furthermore, a comprehensive understanding of risk and return is at the heart of corporate finance, providing a firm's financial managers with a theoretical basis to make optimal corporate financial decisions.

A1 Text 20%

This exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions, involving knowledge related to week 1-week 4, which need to be answered and submitted on canvas. It is open for 4 hours and the exam is 60 minutes long.

A2 Group reports 40%

In groups of 3-4 people, this task requires your team to make a presentation to your company's management to help them decide whether to start a new project. Statements and PPTs of about 2000-2500 words, and the presentation time is about 20 minutes. Need to submit PPT and cover in advance

A3 Report 3500 words 40%

As the financial manager of a company of your choice, you will analyze the company's financial situation and distribute a report to the company's senior management. The assignment will cover topics such as bond valuation, stock valuation, risk and return, and payment policy. The word limit is about 3,500 words on 9 pages (excluding cover, table of contents, introduction, references, appendices, etc.)



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