GRD263 Web Design course introduction and analysis

GRD263 Web Design, this course consists of four assessment assignments, including Participation, weekly homework and quiz, webpage brief, and final webpage assignment submission


The course name of GRD263 is Web Design, which is about web design. Assessment1 of GRD263 is a design brief, which has no specific word count requirements, accounting for 20%, and is submitted on Friday of Week6, which is February 17 (T1 time), students will design an outline to convey the look and feel of the project, and also need to provide an analysis of two competitors, provide a complete desktop, tablet, mobile phone index page wireframe, etc., to develop a preliminary framework for the final web page production.

The second assignment of GRD263 is presentation, to show your assignment 1, students will present the design concepts of index.html in class, accounting for 10%, in the class of the week9 (submit assignment 1 after three weeks) Show, if students who do not understand can click on, we will provide corresponding help, such as web page framework, and problems encountered in presentation, etc.

Regarding assignment 3 of GRD263, assignment 3 is to combine assignment 1 and assignment 2 to make a complete website, accounting for 50%, and submit it in Week 13. Students not only need to submit a complete website but also submit an 800-word essay Academic paper, to make a response, such as how to convey information in web design, etc., this proportion is still quite large, if students need it, please consult GPA for details, we can provide some questions about web page production and design.

The fourth homework for GRD263 is weekly homework and quiz, each opening time is one week, and homework is submitted in the form of screenshots, this is very simple for most students! However, some students also said that some challenges in homework need guidance. Welcome to poke GPA Expert!


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