OMGT1039_Operations Management

The course name of OMGT1039 is Operations Management, which is about operations management. Assessment1 about OMGT1039 is a Case study case study, accounting for 20%. The housing market overview of Melbourne housing prices in Victoria shows that housing prices have been rising for decades in the past . There are many factors that affect the value of a property, such as supply and demand, interest rates, location, economic outlook, and more.


In this assignment you will discuss the factors that may affect property prices in Melbourne, using some real data and using forecasting techniques. This assignment will be due on April 6th. If students have doubts, they can poke the GPA, and we can provide some help on data processing. The second assignment of OMGT1039 is a group work assignment. The school’s Canvas provides 8 topics for students to choose from, such as quality management, inventory management, logistics demand planning, etc. The team consisted of five members, accounting for 30%, with a total of 4,000 words, submitted on May 8. We will provide corresponding help, such as RMIT's Reference requirements, literature sources, etc.


The third homework of OMGT1039 is to write a Research Report, which requires the development of a product/service and a comprehensive plan for the operation process. There are two options for the data you need in this homework: 1. You can choose from real Research and collect necessary data in the company. 2. You can make assumptions about the data, such as data in quality requirements, demand products, delivery time, initial stock, etc. The word count is 3000-3200 words, accounting for 50%. It is submitted on June 5. Although there is no final exam for this course, this assignment accounts for a relatively high proportion. We can provide some data support. Welcome everyone to stamp your GPA!

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