ACCT1028 Strategic Management and Leadership - test group-work writing project

Strategic Management and Leadership is ACCT1028

Week 4 will feature Part 1 of Assessment 1. There are 15 multiple-choice questions on this online test that cover the material from Weeks 1-3. It opens at 9 a.m. and ends at noon. The test is due on March 24, which accounts for 15% of the test. Students must complete six rounds of vertex simulation exercises in Part 2, and their performance will be graded using a balanced scorecard model. April 9, 15 percent, is the deadline for completing this exercise. The general theme of Assessment 1 is described above. Please consult GPA Expert for more information.

Assessment 2 for ACCT1028 is a collaborative project. You will present to the class for 20 minutes on assigned topics, cases, or current issues about strategy, strategic development, strategic accounting, performance evaluation, or other course-related topics while working in teams of 5 students. On Weeks 5 through 11, the presentation will be delivered online. The case study information, the questions put forth, and your overall case study interpretation will be presented in a POWERPOINT presentation for presentation.

Finally, the importance or value of the case study is described. A YouTube link to a PowerPoint video presentation will be used for the group presentation. If you don't understand it here, you can learn from GPA Expert. The process of uploading to PowerPoint these can all be resolved up here. Weeks 5 through 11 of this Assessment will be available online. The deadline is May 21, 20%.

Two parts make up the final Assessment3 for ACCT1028. The group project task is in Part A: Overview of the main project. Ask your team to use the framework for strategic planning and the techniques for making business decisions that you learned in the course. You must use your strategic and operational decision-making abilities for a fictitious company operating in a cutthroat market environment, and you must analyze, consider, and formally communicate the results of those decisions. The due date is May 28, and 35%.

Teachers of their majors can explain the specific requirements on GPA Expert. A personal reflection is in Part B. You must consider your individual experience, performance, and lessons learned as a strategic decision-maker for this assessment. Charts and tables may be included; the word count is 1500. 15% of the balance is due on June 4th.

Many of the Assessments for ACCT1028 must be completed in groups, and case studies and on-site demonstrations are prerequisites. On GPA Expert, there are also notes and explanations about how to take notes and locate pertinent information. It is advised that students who lack fundamental knowledge consult in-depth.





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