BAFI1042 Equity Investment and Portfolio Management - writing assessment report test

Equity investment and portfolio management are covered inBAFI1042.Three assessments make up BAFI1042. The first Assessment 1 is an online midterm exam, and the second Assessment 2 is a group assignment that requires you to write a report about a company's valuation. The personal report, or stock portfolio management report, is the final assessment 3. 

Assignment 1: Online Mid-Semester Test, which covers topIC1-6, contains multiple choice or short answer questions, is due in the seventh week beginning on April 11th, and accounts for 20% of the grade. The general theme of Assignment 1 is described above. Please visit GPA Expert for more information.

A company valuation report is part of BAFI1042 Assignment 2. As part of a group assignment, you will need to analyze a public company to prepare the report, evaluate the company's present situation and prospects, combine this information with several valuation models to determine the company's share price, and suggest whether to buy, sell, or hold the stock. This activity mimics the tasks carried out by investment or securities analysts in specialized fields, such as equity analysis, valuation, and investment advice.

Due on May 15th, Sunday of the tenth week, the report has 5,000 words and a 50% percentage. If you have any questions about BAFI1042, GPA Expert is here to help.

The quality Portfolio Management Report is Assignment 3's last assignment for BAFI1042. You must choose stocks listed on the Australian stock exchange to build a portfolio of shares for this assignment. Copy the portfolio and the actively managed portfolio, then describe your investment approach for both portfolios in the report. Finally, assess each portfolio's performance in terms of absolute and relative return, risk, and attribution effects to shed light on why each portfolio performed differently. The 3500-word report is due on Friday of the fourteenth week.

The percentage was 30% on June 10. You can seek BAFI1042 tutoring from GPA Expert if you are unsure of where to begin.

The average guidance score for BAFI1042 is 83 points; you can learn more about this score in the report at GPA Expert, where you can also find test notes and explanations. It is advised that students who lack fundamental knowledge consult our qualified instructors in-depth, visit GPA Expert, and select the best option for them. You can make a good BAFI1042 study plan with the help of qualified teachers!





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