ACC100 Communication in Everyday Life - writing assessment case

ACC100 - Communication in Everyday Life

Ass 1 is intended to help you as a college student develop your skills. To learn how to: locate resources; properly cite various types of sources; explain the source; relate current issues to academic theories and concepts, you will develop an annotated bibliography and critical analysis. The research investigates various types of resources for the issue and applies a concept or theory that was learned in this unit to the issue.

Ass 2 has two components. Part One: Personal opinions and skills are examined. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses critically, then conclude your interests and abilities in the professional role anticipated from your course.

Utilize details from job advertisements that interest you to think back on your preparation for a career. Discuss academic and extracurricular opportunities that you believe you should take advantage of to gradually add to your experience and/or fill in any skills gaps.

ACC100 ass3  Essay: This assignment is designed to build on the academic skills learned through the first assignment (sourcing, citation, and critical analysis). It aims to enhance your abilities as a college student by developing your critical thinking and writing skills, as well as exposure to academic theories and concepts.

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