BUSM1222 Global Business - writing assessment argument report

BUSM1222 is Global Business.BUSM1222 consists of three assessments, the first of which is to write a review of an academic global business journal article. The second Assessment 2 is to write a written analysis and reflection. The last Assessment 3 is a personal paper.

Regarding Assignment 1, it is an individual written assignment in which you demonstrate your understanding of the ideas and arguments presented in a peer-reviewed academic article on global business. In this essay, you will need to demonstrate that you can identify key concepts and theories relevant to the article, have a clear understanding of the main arguments of the author of the article, be able to identify and discuss the practical implications of the reading, and can present a clear and convincing argument using an effective academic writing style that includes consistent referencing and citation. The word count is 500 words, and the Due is due on the Friday of the fifth week at 10%. The above is the approximate content of Assignment 1, and you can refer to GPA Expert if you do not understand it.

Assignment 2 of BUSM1222 is also an individual written assignment in which you are required to conduct an in-depth analysis of a case of your choice and then submit a written analysis and reflection. This assignment develops your skills in academic research, country analysis and report writing. You will need to identify the key issues of the case, understand the key theories and concepts covered in the course, the quality of the research and analysis, and the quality of the writing skills that can reflect the way they work and learn. The word count is 2,000 words and the DUE is due on the Friday of the tenth week and is 40%. If you don't quite understand something about this side of GPA Expert, you can choose your own professional teacher to explain BUSM1222 and provide you with a hand.

The final Assignment 3 of BUSM1222 is an individual paper in which you are required to develop a broad understanding of the theories and concepts covered in the course, identify key issues in the case, quality of analysis, quality, relevance and adequacy of research, and writing skills including appropriate structure, citation, formatting and presentation. The word count is 2,500 words, and Due is due on Friday of Week 13, at 50%. Anyone who does not know where to start can come to GPA Expert for tutoring in BUSM1222 from a tutor of their choice.

The average guidance score for BUSM1222 is 83, and you can learn the key points of scoring in GPA Expert, and also have all the notes and explanations. We recommend that students who have no foundation can consult our professional tutors in detail, and come to GPA Expert to choose the right one for you, and the tutor who is professionally aligned to create a study plan for BUSM1222 that suits you!





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