ALM201 Gamified Media - writing assessment case project design

ALM201 enables you to explore and experience the application of game design elements in a variety of non-game contexts. In ALM201, you will create online content individually and collaboratively, and actively interact with your fellow students across different digital platforms.ALM201 contains 3 Assessments:

1.    ALM201 Reflection writing

Word count: about 350 words

In ALM201, a reflective writing assignment and a short audio assignment are usually included. Reflective writing often requires reflection on course learning, such as the online student learning community section, understanding of gamification, and experience of gamification. The podcast part of ALM201 will continue the above content and conduct a paragraph-based analysis, such as, about gamification, what key points do you want to know? What strategies do you use to engage your audience? What did you learn from the practice? What challenges did you face and what solutions did you adopt? For more details about the work content, please consult  GPA Expert.

2.    ALM201 Blog Writing

Word count: 600-700 words with 3-5 pictures and a 2-3 minute self-made video

First, you will create your own blog URL using the tools specified in ALM201. The content of the blog will be related to the topics studied in ALM201, such as gamification and motivation, gamification and education, gamification and health, gamification and business, etc. In this essay, ALM201 will require you to use at least two peer-reviewed scholarly articles as references and in-text citations for support. ALM201 Collaborative Media Project

Word Count: Depends on group assignment

ALM201 Collaborative Digital Media Projects, an assignment that requires you as part of a small team to brainstorm, plan, research, and design a gamification-related hypothetical crowd funding project using a variety of digital tools, and finally submit and turn it in as a group A reflection on an individual independent assessment. The ALM201 Collaborative Media Project provides an opportunity to collaborate across multiple real-world platforms without ever having to meet in person—a situation that is increasingly common in a variety of industries today. The ALM201 Collaborative Media Project output will be accompanied by each participating member's personal critical reflection on the process and experience of collaborating through a range of online media. In the group work process of ALM201, you can try to choose Chinese people to form a team, which is more conducive to the processing of other problems such as progress coordination. For more details about the work content, please consult GPA Expert. Conclusion

ALM201 does not have clear bibliography or reading material requirements like other subjects, but more requires learning and feedback based on the content of the course itself and the part explained by the teacher. ALM201 job setting is relatively flexible, and it is more to examine your understanding of knowledge.





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