ECON1020 Prices and Market - assignment sample report writer

ECON1020 Assignment 1 Quiz

60 minutes online quiz

The quiz has 10 questions in total, which need to be finished within 60 minutes with only one attempt in a 5-days opening period. The content of this quiz is block 1, that is, tutorials and lectures in week 1-3. At them same time, you can take these practice quizzes in this block to have a preparation. Contact GPAExpert for more details.




ECON1020 Assignment 2 microeconomic analysis report

1500 words

The format of ECON1020 assignment 2 is typical in terms of all the business course, analysing issues with theories and presenting in a report format, after finishing this assignment, you can fully understand how a formal report or basic format presents with the instructions and template provided. Contact GPA Expert for more details.

Using models and theories of either the market or market failure, covering materials from week 2 to week 6, to analyse one microeconomic issue or phenomenon of your choice is the requirement.



About ECON1020 assignment 2, you must follow to use the template given for your work, Turnitin similarity should not exceed 30%, and penalty will cause grade reduction. Contact GPA Expert for more details.

In this template, you need to pay attention to the required word limit in some questions. Be careful. You can contact GPAExpert  for instructions.

Here are steps to follow for this assessment:

1.       Choose topic and question,

2.       Select your methods (concepts and models) from week 2- week 6,

3.       Explain the concepts and models, each need to be explained clearly,

4.       Analyse the topic and apply the method to your issue, report your analysis and findings by using relevant diagrams and models,

5.       Conclude the whole writing, directly answer the question


ECON1020 Assignment 3 microeconomic case analyses and problem solving

1500 words

This ECON1020 assignment 3 is to answer any five of six questions, you need to answer the questions appropriately according to the guidelines, and one point need to pay attention is that all relevant sources that you use in this assessment need to be correctly referenced. Use the template given to do this assignment. Contact GPA Expert  for more details.


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