ECON1086 Business in globalised economy - writing assessment case

ECON1086, full name as Business in a Globalized Economy, is a basic course at RMIT University, which mainly checks the relevant theories, models, and your abilities to make diagrams, analyze issues and collect data.

ECON1086 Assignment 1   1000 words  

ECON1086 Instruction:

1.       Analysis a country (any country), and Find data (Google: Penn World Tables, World Development Indicators, and other data sources)

2.       Explain how open this country is using an accepted measure of openness

3.       Discuss the country’s major exports, trade policy, and sources of comparative advantage

(Each requirement in ECON1086 assignment 1 is a criterion, the answer needs to follow the points, contact GPA Expert for details)


The requirement in ECON1086 is brief with limited words, there will have limited errors if you follow the steps mentioned above, contact GPA Expert for details.

ECON1086 assignment 1 Tips

Explain all the terms and reference them

Double-spacing, Times New Roman Font 12.

 Failure to follow the tips may cause grade losses, contact GPA Expert for details.

ECON1086 Assignment 2   1000 words

ECON1086 Instruction

Assignment 2 will be finished based on assignment 1(same country and research), there would better let the same writer do the two assignments, contact GPA Expert for details.

1. Using data plot openness versus Industrial Pay Inequality (from UTIP-UNIDO) for the nation.

2. Calculate the correlation (using excel) between openness and Industrial Pay Inequality (from UTIP-UNIDO) for the nation.

3. Explain whether your data agrees or disagrees with the Stolper-Samuelson Theorem.

4. Conclusion: how comparative advantage is linked to inequality in the country that you’re studying?

(Follow the steps above and pay attention to the word limit in each point, contact GPA Expert for details)

ECON1086 assignment 2 Tips3.png

1. Obtain country-level data on trade (% GDP) from the World Bank’s World Development Indicators (

2. Obtain data on industrial pay inequality difference from UTIP-UNIDO (

(The above links mentioned is useful for ECON1086, and also can be referenced for further studies, contact GPA Expert for details)

3.  DO NOT attach Excel files to the assignment.

      4.  Keep the explanation brief.

 ECON1086 Assignment 3   2000 words

This assignment only contains answer questions which weighting 50% of total marks, and need to be carefully answered, contact GPA Expert for details.


Section A:

answer and explain each question, up to 200 words each explanation (1+4) *5 marks.


Section B:

Short answer questions, up to 200 words each, 5*5 marks.


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