How to deal with the issure of failing a test?what does the Show Cause mean?

RMIT and DKU's T1 scores for 2022 have all been obtained. Students have all found their scores. It's a mixed moment. Due to various reasons, many students may not play well, do not get good grades, fail to pass, or even be required by the school to show cause. What should we do at this time?

Don't panic now, we still have a chance! Let's take a look at the process for failing.

Under normal circumstances, students may experience the process of "Show Cause -- Appeal -- External Appeal".

The first is to look at the examination papers. Fail the small partners, must be the first time to see their own paper correction. The most Appeal success is due to the teacher's mistake in correcting, which leads to the score is not enough to fail. In the absence of correction errors, other extremely serious distractions in the examination room should be excluded to cause failure.

Secondly, students are required to Show Cause to make a reasonable explanation for their behavior because their grades or attendance cannot meet the requirements of the school. This includes the following situations:

1. The average score of this semester is less than 50%;

2. Students who Fail 50% or above of the courses for two consecutive semesters;

3. The average score of this semester is lower than 50%. Different schools have different requirements. For example, the University of Sydney will face an explanation if it fails 40% or more courses in a semester. There are only 4-5 courses for postgraduate students in Australian universities in one semester. If there are two failing courses, there may be a need for an on-campus explanation.

4. Students with Double or even Triple Fail in a course;

5. Insufficient attendance;

6. In violation of the Enrolment Condition of students;

7. Students who are unable to complete the course within the maximum time allowed.

Attention should be paid to the receipt of show cause, which is very close to school expulsion, because the school is very strict in the examination of show cause, and detailed proof materials are needed to assist the explanation. At this time, professionals are needed to deal with it. You can contact us to help you solve it. Log in to GPA Expert. It is recommended that if you have a feeling that you will have to explain in school, you can issue the transcript in advance. The transcript is normal before the show cause, which can be used as materials for later school transfer.

The second is Appeal. If the show cause does not pass, Appeal can be conducted, and it will enter the Academic Board Appeal (internal Appeal) and External Appeal (External Appeal). But if there is not enough evidence, nothing will change. Don't make a blind appeal.

The third is the DIAC appeal. After being registered to the immigration office by the university, the student visa may be canceled, and the student must explain to the immigration office within 35 days. Once properly utilized in this stage, it is likely to be successful.


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