ACCT1048 Financial Accountability and Reporting - assessment writing report

ACCT1048 Financial Accountability and Reporting is a required core course for the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and Bachelor of Business (Professional Accounting) degrees. This course includes a work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience, in which students' knowledge and skills are applied and assessed in a real or simulated work environment.

There are three assessments in this course:

Assessment 1: Individual assessment

Accounted for 30%

 The student's assessment consists of MCQ questions or short questions that require judgment and calculation. These questions reflect current accounting standards and enhance students' understanding of the standards covered in the course.

Note: Students must sign the answer booklet after submission to verify their work. You can get more information from GPA Expert.

Assessment 2: Group Research Assignment

Accounted for 20%

Assessment 2 is an in-class group Assessment that takes about three weeks to complete. In two parts, students will work in groups to respond (in writing) to situations that require the application of accounting standards, after an industry representative talks about key accounting practices and practical issues related to their implementation.

Note: Students must sign the submitted answer book to verify their work.

Assessment 3: Group & Individual

Accounted for 50%

Section A

Students select a company from the list provided and analyse the company's accounting practices as an accounting analyst using the information provided by the speaker and contained in the company's annual report. Groups of students then prepare a video report that includes their analysis of the company's accounting practices and makes recommendations. Students need to refer to the company's most recent financial statements and other sources (textbooks, other books, journals, newspapers) to complete assignments and comment on company issues in a coherent manner. Students who need help can consult GPA Expert customer service.


The assignment requires students to apply their knowledge of specific course content as well as soft skills that support real work environments, such as IT skills: presentation skills, analysis and argument making, and writing meeting minutes. Students should submit the reference list and minutes of the group meeting after the group meeting and circulate them among the group members.

Section B

Students were asked to write a reflective report (400 words) describing key knowledge gained from interactions with industry and course members.



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