MGT605 Business Capstone Project - assessment writing group work

Course MGT605 Business Capstone Project is a compulsory course for graduate students, and the first three courses must be completed before they can take it.

The objective of this course is: Corporate managers' understanding of corporate social responsibility. Its Assessment is divided into three sections, mainly examining the group's research and operational capabilities. For more information on this course, please contact GPA Expert.

Assessment: the Test - weeks 1-3:

T1: The assignment is to write a project proposal with 1500 words or 7.5 minutes of video, accounting for 20%, and hand it in at 11:55 PM on Sunday, Australian time, in the third week. This course allows you to synthesize the knowledge and skills gained from all the other MBA courses. GPA Expert can help you write a project plan.

T2: Part A is a group assignment with 3,000 words, accounting for 40%. It will be handed in at 11:55 PM Australian time on Sunday night of the 10th week. Part B is to make a 10-minute video presentation, accounting for 20%, which will be handed in at 11:55 PM on Sunday, Australian time, in the 11th week.

T3: The assignment is to write a reflection on the course, 1500 words or 20%, due at 11:55 PM on Sunday, Australian time, of week 12. Demonstrate collaborative leadership and ownership in preparing the raw material for important practical or theoretical work. Combine widely learned concepts (e.g., finance, marketing, operations) and simplify them into one big picture. The aim is to reflect on the application of theory, processes, ethical practices and standards, and how these are embodied in the decision-making process.


As for the Assessment of MGT605, group work accounts for a large proportion and has a great influence, so we should pay more attention to group work. We should find a group or create a group to attract people at the first time, and try to select Chinese team members, so as to improve the communication efficiency, and the division of labor must be clear. More examples can be found in GPA Expert.





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