ECON1048 Managerial and Business Economics - assessment writing report

The ECON1048 course provides you with some basic definitions and concepts of managerial and business economics, and the course ECON1048 is presented by 12 topics: value creation and capture, business decision-making, perfect competition, monopoly power, game theory, capacity constrained industries, price competition and collusion, product differentiation, preferences and social choice, consumer choice, decision-making under uncertainty and contracts & signaling. ECON1048 can draw you a vivid picture of the adaptation of economic principles in management and business.Need more?Welcome to consult  GPA Expert.

ECON1048 Assessment

1. ECON1048 Industry Analysis

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In assignment 1of ECON1048, you are going to work as an expert economist employed by government to decide whether the government should implement the proposed increase of bottle tax. You must analyze and communicate with the government officials to come up with feasible solutions. Before your analysis, you must read the given message and function in ECON1048 assignment requirement carefully to get the overall impression. Then, you should follow the given template which contains tittle, core message, recommendation, key information, and financial implications. The maximum length are 2 pages, any content more than 2 pages will not be read.

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2. Managerial and Business Economics Report

In assignment 2 of ECON1048, you will work as a professional economist, you will analyze the proposal in section 2 using the knowledge you learned in this course and prepare a detailed research report. In assignment 2 of ECON1048, the insurance firm you represent, Insure Corp, is contemplating introducing a product called “income insurance” in the island country of Autarka. A household can be completely protected by income insurance against changes in income brought on by serious injuries or illnesses. Your client wants the income insurance product to be $20,000,000 per year, it wants you to do a market research and give a detailed report. You should follow the given format of ECON1048 assignment 2: Introduction, Analysis, Discussion and Conclusion.


ECON1048 is a course that provides you with the basic understanding and knowledge of managerial and business economics, the course was explained by different topics and case studies. You must have the ability of data mining, case studies and basic knowledge of mathematics. After the studies, a detailed report of what you have found should also be given to show your ability.


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