MAF307 Equities and Investment Analysis - assessment writing case activity

Assessment 1: Multiple Choice Quiz (individual).

Time limits: 20 minutes.

In Assessment 1 of MAF307, you will answer multiple choice type conceptual and numerical questions. To complete the task successfully, you need to master the subject specific knowledge and problem-solving skills learned in MAF307. Using MCQ, the test will assess your understanding of the investment environment, financial markets, institutions, securities, managed funds and securities analysis.

Assessment 2: Portfolio. (Section A: simulation, Section B: Written reflection)

Requirements: 30 minutes for Section A, 500 words for Section B.

In Section A of the MAF307 Assessment 2, you need to complete the weekly investment/stock tracking activity on There are 8 tracking activities in 8 weeks.

In section B of MAF307 Assessment 2, you must write a reflection journal based on the weekly investment activities mentioned in section A. The journal should be submitted through Cloud The journal will be available as a "test" in the "Evaluation" section of the Cloud website. The journal accepts plain text only no images, tables, or formats requests.

Assessment 3: Analysis Report.

Word count: 3000 words.

In Assessment 3 of MAF307, you will apply your knowledge of Basic Analysis and Equity Valuation to create an equity research report. Through this assessment, you will critically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a business and evaluate its investment value. Each group of students will produce an equity research report. The report should be prepared as a formal document for making recommendations to clients (i.e. fund managers, investors).

Assessment 4: Online exam (GPA Expert provides a large number of sample questions, welcome to consult)

Time limit: 2 hours

In the online exam of MAF307, you will be required to complete short discussion questions and numerical solutions. To complete this task successfully, you need to do as follows:

1. You should be able to communicate clearly in writing,

2. You should have the ability to use the subject knowledge learned in MAF307 flexibly. You need the ability to apply multiple investment theories to solve problems related to investment decisions.

3. You need to be able to critically analyze and interpret issues related to different investments in real life.

MAF307 is a course that provide you with understandings of financial market risk, basic concepts and capital allocation. It combines the latest theory with market practice. To learn MAF307 well, you must master skills like data mining, data combing, market analysis and critical thinking. For more information, please click to view GPA Expert.





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