ACCT1081 Professional Values, Ethics & Attitudes - assessment case writing sample

Course ACCT1081 mainly focuses on values, ethics and attitudes in business practice. It includes topics such as ethical expectations, slides, contributions from philosophers, ethics and governance scandals, and practical ethical decision-making. ACCT1081 is taught in terms of ethical expectations and ethics, the contribution of philosophers, the impact of time and culture, governance and ethical scandals, making practical ethical decisions, ethical conduct in business, professionals working for the greater good, management ethics Opportunities and risks and recognizing and upholding the rights of everyone.

ACCT1081 Assessments

Assessment 1: Current Research on Ethical Issues

Word count: less than 1000 words (excluding appendices)

In ACCT1081 Assessment 1, you will be required to write a research report with two students in your group. In this research report, you must cite ethical or unethical business events mentioned within two years. Furthermore, we advocate diversity in the content of research reports, so it is not recommended that these cases be the same. In ACCT1081 Assessment 1, the following questions also need to be discussed:

1. What are the relevant facts of this case?

2. Who are the key stakeholders and why are they considered as such?

3. What are ethical issues? (This includes identifying ethical issues relevant to each fact and ranking or commenting on the severity of these issues. You should Including utilitarianism, deontology, and different perspectives on justice and fairness.) If you want a different case, you can click GPA Expert. 

Assessment 2: Group work.

Word count: 2000 to 2500 words. GPA Expert provides solutions to group member and group assignment problems, welcome to consult.

In ACCT1081 Assessment 2, you will work in groups of 3 and apply your research and analytical skills to study corporate scandals over the past 20 years as found on the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Australian Securities and Investments Commission websites. You must identify three corporate scandals from the designated website or any other source and prepare a report suitable for non-accountants to read. It is important to note that the website you choose cannot be the same as the one already provided in the classroom. You should use the RMIT citation style. 

Assessment 3: Cross-Teaching Activities.

In ACCT1081 Assessment 3, you will do some group discussions, such as listening, contributing, asking questions, challenging viewpoints, bringing other examples, etc. Your answers will be written on canvas. There are three periods of cross-teaching.

ACCT1081 is a course that gives you a basic understanding of values, ethics and attitudes in business practice. The course is presented through practical examples and definitions and explanations, bringing theory and practice together. In order to learn this lesson well, you must accumulate many cases and study them in depth. More cases can be found inGPA Expert.





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