How to write a good literature review?

Literature Review is a type of essay that is very common when we study abroad. It sometimes appears as a separate Assignment, and sometimes when writing a research proposal or graduation thesis. To write a good Text Review, you must first understand what a Literature Review is.

Simply put, Literature Review, or Literature Review, is to analyze, summarize and comment on the research status of a specific topic research field selected, including the main academic views, the research results and research levels of predecessors, the focus of debate and the existing problems, and put forward to their own opinions and research ideas. The subjects of the roundup are academic sources, journal articles, conference papers, government reports, university websites, etc. The way to review the literature is via a critical approach.

To write a Good Text Review, you should include the following sections:

1. An overview of Literature Review. For example, who is the author of the document? Publication time and provenance, etc. This section is templated, and you can also put a comment on the Text Review in this section.

2. The content of Literature Review. Each qualified paper will comprise these sections: Background Problem/Hypothesis Questions/Hypotheses; Solution/Argumentation; Solution/Justification; Experimental test/Conclusion Experiment/Conclusion. This part is more formulaic, each point can be summarized in just one sentence, and the main line of the Text Review can be sorted out.

3. Format of literature review. Includes:

Introduction. Clarify the background of the research topic and outline the main conclusions and research gaps of previous studies.

Body. The main content of literature review is to explain in detail the current status of the research project, the research methods used, the research priorities, the research directions, the solved problems, and the unresolved problems. GPA Expert provides a large number of reference articles, you can click to view.

Conclusion. Summarize the gaps in previous studies and point out limitations and inconsistencies. Present your conclusions about the topic of Text Review research, your opinions and issues to be solved, and explain their importance.

Appendix. List all references for tutors or readers to easy search.

International students who are writing Literature Review for the first time should pay attention to several common writing mistakes: 

1.Directly describe the literature without synthesizing, comparing, and analyzing the literature, and not reflecting its sexual critical ideas.

2.The literature found is not typical, some insignificant literature has been analyzed, in fact, it has little to do with the topic, so that the entire literature review seems to be of little significance. 

3.The failure to find a research gap does not reflect the value of continuing research on the topic. The review of the literature is not clear, the levels are not clear, and the structure is confused.

4.Write the Text review as a general essay/paper, focusing on expressing your own views, rather than reviewing the literature.

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The main thing to write a Text Review is to read a large number of literature, have more complete references, have analytical comments, reflect the content of the topic, make their own summaries, have their own content, synthesize existing research, and highlight the significance of their own research.



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