BUSM4176 Introduction to Management - writing case sample assessment

BUSM4176 is an Introduction to Management, which is the basic theory of Management. Through the study of the theory, you should understand its application in the contemporary context, and summarize the impact of technology in changing managers' work and organizational management.

This paper mainly describes the  Assessment 1-3 assignments of BUSM4176. If you need  writing services, you can click GPA Expert  to consult.

Assessment 1

In order to cope with the changing trend of contemporary workplace diversification and globalization, you need to locate and evaluate information on effective management strategies and apply this information to their work area, please write an individual thesis.(weight 10%)

Word Limit:1000 words.

Writing Instruction: In this assessment, this assignment will help you expand your research capabilities, engage in critical thinking, and undertake the academic evaluation of a problem. It also improves your ability to respond quickly to critical issues. Therefore, in writing, attention should be paid to the use of multidisciplinary theories, frameworks and techniques to conduct multi-angle analysis. At the same time, PESTLE analysis can be fully applied to achieve the purpose of reflecting novelty and uniqueness. GPA Expert provides you with professional thesis guidance.If you have no idea for your individual thesis,why not contact us?

Assessment 2

Writing Instruction: Four to five members work in a team to study and analyze responsible management principles and practices. Click on  GPA Expert,we can guide you to group communication and group assignment issues.The team needs to interview a manager and write a report outlining your research and analysis. (Weight 40%)

Word Limit:2000 words.

Writing Instruction: The purpose of Assessment 2 is to find ways to enhance management and teamwork. Teamwork can be challenging, but it's also the lifeblood of successful team leadership, and there's a certain amount of difficulty in doing it. Choosing the right approach will help you explore and learn more smoothly.  GPA Expertprovides you with professional writing guidance.

Assessment 3

Requirement: Write a personal report exploring the functions of management. (Score 40%)

Writing Instruction: This assessment program is designed to help you analyze cases using materials related to your learning modules and to think positively about how you can use what you learn to inform your thinking about your career.

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