How to write the methodology of an essay?

Methodology is of vital importance in an essay. No matter what kind of essay you ' d like to write, you have to organize your methodology. It is an essential part of presenting research findings. Methodology can show your findings in an obvious way, and it gives the reader a roadmap on how to come to your conclusions.

In order to write a suitable Methodology in your essay, we should keep the basic structure complete. Here are some parts we cannot ignore:

PART1 Emphasize the problem of your thesis or research.

The first part of your methodology is to emphasize the problem of your thesis or research. This can lead your readers to follow your steps in case they get sidetracked. In addition, emphasize your research problems also introduce your assumptions you made in your research.

PART2 Explain the approach you chose.

You should explain the type of research you used in your research. Show out the reason to choose either qualitative or quantitative research or for using a blended approach or any alternative method your specific field recognizes.

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PART3 Explain any unusual methods you use

If your research methods are outside the norm in your field, clarify your options in detail. For example, you may have found a unique approach or adapted a particular process that has never been applied to your field of study. Your method provides evidence that your findings are valid.

PART4 Explain how you collected the data

Describe any experiments you conducted, including how to design the experiment, how to measure variables and what tools being used in the experiment. Explain how you gather the original data and how you discriminate it from others.

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