OART1053 Applied Communication Design - writing assessment design case

A Logo is a visual marker designed to identify an entity. A well-designed Logo conveys an organization's personality and creates an emotional connection with its target audience.

Objective: To develop an understanding of visual identity and its role in branding through conceptual and style analysis. Apply skills and knowledge to create the right Logo.

Design a unique Logo to represent a fictional global company. The final Logo must be created in vector form using Adobe Illustrator.

The research task of Logo

Analyze three logos designed by three designers. Answer specific questions on the template in complete sentences. Include images of each Logo.

Company profile

Create a company profile for a fictitious company. A company profile provides important information about an organization.

OART1053 concept development

Step 1

Conduct industry research on your banking page. Know your competitors, including their logos, posters, advertisements, etc.

Step 2

Brainstorm words, themes, and anything else related to your company.

Step 3

In the bank layout board, create an abstract, representative, and typographical Logo design. Work in black and white and produce at least 8 concepts in each style (at least 24 total).

Note: The concept of "typography" cannot simply be a matter of selecting a font without making any changes.

Step 4

Choose the 3 best concepts and write an explanation for each: What is a concept and why is it good?

OART1053 design and development

Step 5

With your teacher, decide on the most promising idea and develop it further. When finished, the Logo should be simple and effective at any scale.

OART1053 In developing your Logo design, consider the following:

1. Research the source of the photo when extracting the subject.

2. Positive and negative Spaces in design.

3. Use black pen/marker when creating design changes • Simplify graphic elements and eliminate unnecessary details.

4. Try different visual approaches.

Step 6

Refine your design and pay attention to the consistency of the graphic elements. Tracking and fine-tuning design iterations is an effective way to continuously improve your logo.

If your logo is printed, try at least 5 fonts as the basis for your design.

Development of digitization

Create a vector version of the logo in Adobe Illustrator using the Pen Tool (scan the parsed logo and put it into the Illustrator document).

Step 8

If your Logo is a symbol, find at least five suitable fonts for your company's name. Take care to choose a font that complements the logo, not detracts from it.

Decide on the most appropriate font and develop various layouts, i.e., experiment with type-related positions and proportions of symbols.

Step 10

Develop at least 18 color variants (6 each) using 1, 2, and 3 colors

OART1053 Note: These steps should be done on different "art boards" in the same Illustrator file.

Step 11

Write a reflection and include it in your development book.

You must also include a cover, introduction, and content page.

The last

Use Illustrator to create a new A3 document (portrait format) for the final presentation of black and white (grayscale) and color versions.

The final logo is available in two sizes: square format (12×12cm) or rectangular format (16×8cm). Your choice will depend on the direction of your final Logo (check with your teacher for options). Save the file as a PDF.

Note: The size of black and white and color versions must be the same. If your logo has more than one color, you'll need to decide if you want to use a different shade of gray for the black-and-white version. It depends on whether the colors/shapes touch each other. If not, you can choose to keep it black.

OART1053 submitted

You must submit the following documents:

1. Digital Development Document (PDF)

2. Final A3Logo presentation (see the template on canvas) (PDF file)

3. Working files with multiple artboards (AI files)

Name your file correctly:

1. Name student number logo dev book.pdf

2. Name student number final logo.pdf

3. Name student number logo design.ai

There are three documents to submit for this assignment, which involve a lot of details. It is recommended to consult the cases through GPA Expert as a reference. As for OART105 writing, you can also contact customer service to communicate the specific details so as to successfully complete the study.





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