LAW2442 Business Law writing case assessment exam

LAW2442 Business Law is a course that introduce the commercial law fundamentals especially for business professions. It provides you the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue further studies in the law. Now, let's talk about the three assessments of it.

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Assessment1 is a knowledge test. You should answer 20 questions in an hour. The questions includes the understanding and application of basic legal concepts, skills and law principles. It accounts for 10%。The specific scoring criteria and points can be viewed by clicking GPA Expert.

Assessment 2 is a Report writing, accounting for 40% of the total, which requires the application of legal knowledge to solve the legal problems mentioned in TOPIC1-8 and contains no more than 1500 words. The assessment is divided into two parts, which are released in two periods respectively. The Due day is September 11 (T2). Ask GPA Expert for help if you're having trouble.

Assessment 3 is the Final exam. Accounted for 50%. It assess the ability of applying knowledge to solve legal problems. It requires you to identify and analyze legal problems and the context in which they arise, as well as assess your ability to correctly apply legal principles to solve legal problems. The duration of the exam is 2 hours + 15 minutes of reading time, and the exam is taken during the final exam week of the semester. GPA Expert can help you as much as you can.

As an interdisciplinary course, LAW2442 Commercial Law is highly comprehensive. It is taught through weekly lectures and tutorials. As a core business course, you need to memorize the legal principles of commercial law and related laws.




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