BUSM3243 Business and Economic Analysis - writing case assessment lecture

Business and Economic Analysis is an introduction course to Business and Economic statistics. It can cultivate our ability to understand, analyse and use Economic theories and data, and provide basis for Business decisions. The course is divided into four modules: the company's market, government intervention, macroeconomic environment and industry background. Through the study of the four modules, we can use the method of economic statistics to analyse business problems. If you want to learn more about the analytical methods of economic statistics, you can contact GPA Expert.

Assessment 1: Individual assessment

Accounted for 25%

Word count: 2000 words.

Firstly, the economic phenomena suitable for analysis are identified.These phenomena and the applicable economic theories are studied independently. Secondly, establish an appropriate economic model and use the theory to express and study these phenomena. Thirdly, we should use correct analysis  methods to analyse the model and make correct inferences from the analysis results. Finally, form deduction through correct inferences, so as to effectively put forward theoretical economic views and perceptions. If you have any questions about Assessment 1, please click GPA Expert.

Assessment 2: Group Written Submission and Presentation

Accounted for 25%

Requirements:Work in groups of 5. (Before Week6)

Assessment 2 has two parts:

Section A: Material preparation stage.

Before the presentation, you should submit a brief written statement explaining the task. Your paper can include appendices, figures, tables and references, but it should not exceed 2500 words.

Section B: The speech stage.

Each group will be given a strict 15 minutes to present their thesis, after which each group will be given 5 minutes for questions. All presentations will take place in Week 12 on the Ultra Collaboration platform. The presentation does not need to be given by all members of your group, but all members must contribute research findings and comments to make sure that each members could answer questions. For essay writing or speech coaching services, please contact us in GPA Expert.

Assessment 3 Take Home Exam

Accounted for 50%

If you would like more information on Taking Home Exam, please contact GPA Expert.





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