ECON1341 Psychology for Business Decisions - writing case assessment

Course ECON1341 Psychology for Business Decisions covers all aspects of human psychology. Taking this course will help you understand the basis for the decisions of various stakeholders. Stakeholders include competitors, customers, shareholders, employees, partners and regulators. You'll find out the reason people make decisions in business and economics, and how they are affected by those decisions. If you want to learn more about this course, click on  GPA Expert.

Assessment 1:

Part A Literature Review Task

Accounted for 25%

Word count: 1000 words

You will need to choose a topic during the first 3 weeks of the course and provide literature related to your chosen topic. Readings cited in lectures, tutorials, and own independent research should be used to synthesize and critically evaluate the arguments presented in the chosen topic.

Part B Problem Solving Task

Accounted for 25%

Word count: 1000 words.

You will be asked to analyse and solve a true business problem. In your answer, you need to present a specific action, measures to be taken to solve the problem and how to implement the idea. Wondering how to answer? Click  GPA Expert to link us.

Assessment 2:  Research Report

Accounted for 50%

Word count: 2000 words

You need to write a report on a research question. You can choose one of three potential research questions. There are a few things you should be aware of in order to improve your presentation:

1. You should use the theoretical knowledge of this course flexibly to solve research problems.

2. You need to use comprehensive thinking and critically evaluating thinking.

3. You need to demonstrate a rigorous work attitude.

4. You need to read a lot of relevant studies.

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The course ECON1341 Psychology for Business Decisions focuses on the cognitive process of individual and corporate decision making. Through the understanding of the formation and change of judgment, perception, information processing, motivation, emotion, attitude, applied to solve practical business problems. Discover how business decisions affect society and the environment.






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