MKTG1045 Market Research – writing assessment case report quiz

MKTG1045 Market Research is a basic course in market research field, consists of three assessments:

The Assessment 1: Online Quiz

In this assessment, students are required to assess their grasp and understanding of the basic concepts and frameworks of market research, and train their ability to use these theories for critical thinking flexibly. The online test requires students to study further after they have fully understood the material covered in the course, which provides a solid theoretical foundation for subsequent assessment tasks. This assignment accounts for 10%, and the Due date is Week4, August 14. If you want to learn more about this course, please click GPA Expert.

Assessment 2: Group Project

Assessment 2 requires groups of five to six people and is presented in an annotated PowerPoint presentation format of no more than 30 pages. The task of each group is to ask the team members to critically evaluate a market problem. The team members draw conclusions and suggestions through market research and data analysis, and then apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned in practice. The format requirement is to use no more than 30 pages of annotated PowerPoint presentation format. This time accounts for 40%. Due Day is Week11, October 7. It should be noted that teamwork is challenging and difficult to complete, which can be solved through GPA Expert customer service contact. Choosing the right method will help you explore and learn more smoothly.

Assessment 3: Individual Report

Assessment 3 is an Individual Report of no more than 10 pages. It provides you with a written market research brief based on a fictitious client/company, along with a set of evaluation questions to complete. You will then be asked to act as a market research consultant to analyze the situation presented in the market research brief (and any supplementary materials provided) and to make targeted suggestions and reflections. You will need to present the knowledge and skills you have learned throughout the semester in response to questions. You also need to demonstrate your theoretical application, critical analysis, strategic insight, and structured thinking. It is very important that Assessment 3 accounts for 50%. Due Day is Week12. If you are confused about the writing of a personal consultation report, you can always contact GPA Expert.

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