BUA4003 Principles of Economics – writing assessment quiz case

BUA4003 Principles of Economics is a fundamental course in economics. This course consists of four assessments:

Assessment 1: Problem Sets. Each Problem set has two sections (Section A and Section B). Each Section is worth 1 point, and one point is based on the quality of your answer, for a total of 3 points. Section A is an introduction to key concepts; Section B deals with independent thinking and the application and reflection of theories in the real world. You need to answer all the questions to get points. It accounts for 30%. The Due date is 10 AM on Week2-12 Tuesday. The above is the general content of Assessment 1. For details, please refer to GPA Expert. This assignment is difficult to complete, you can contact GPA Expert to solve it.

The Assessment 2: Online Quiz. In this assessment, the online test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. In order to get the best result from the test for yourself, it allows you to try three times and record the best result. The entire test must be completed on your every attempt. The test will cover chapters 1 and 4 of the textbook and game theory. It accounts for 10% and is open for a week from 23 August to 6 September. If you need to learn the basics, you can click GPA Expert.

Assessment 3: mid-term exam. The mid-term exam is also part of the overall assessment of the unit. Tests are only open for a specified window of time, and you must complete the test within that window. This is 10%. This is a time-limited exam. It begins at 8:50 am and ends at 10 am on October 11th.

Assessment 4: The Final exam. The final exam aims to examine your deeper understanding of economic principles and to master the ability to communicate and use principles to solve practical problems. It accounts for 50%, which is very important. The due date is the final exam period, if you have any questions, please contact GPA Expert. You can choose a professional teacher to explain BUA4003.

Through our careful guidance and help, the overall score of BUA4003 is not less than 85 points. On GPA Expert, you can learn the scoring points of Problem sets and quizzes, as well as the notes and explanations for the due and final exams. Recommend students who have no basis can consult in detail.





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