Four main Format selection of References - APA MLA CMS Citation

References are common. It is necessary for a Dissertation. In academic writing, people get their information from many sources. The source of this information should be noted in the paper. It respects the copyright of others and supports your thesis. If you want to know more about References, please click on GPA Expert.

When citing a document, you need to decide what kind of citation style you want. Generally speaking, there are four main formats for English references: APA format, MLA format, CMS format, and Harvard System document format. Whether it is a citation or annotation, whether it is a journal or academic, you should find the corresponding required format from these 4 formats. Here are four formats to explain in detail:

APA format is a common format. It is a widely accepted format for writing research papers, especially in the field of social science research. It is the standard reference for academic literature. APA format includes not only the table of contents on the reference page but also the form of citation, footnote, and endnote. APA format generally includes: Title, Reference Citations Text and Reference List. Because it can effectively avoid academic plagiarism, it is widely used by tutors in foreign universities. If you want to know more about the Citation specification, please contact GPA Expert.

MLA format is short for Modern Language Association. It is also a commonly used citation format, and it is formulated by the Modern Language Association of the United States. It is mainly used in the writing of humanities papers, such as literature, comparative literature, literary criticism and cultural studies. Its current format version is version 8. Compared with APA, CMS and other formats, MLA format is more rigorous and more commonly used. Its format includes: author, "source title," publication title, other contributors, edition, number, publisher, date of publication, and location. Works Cited and In-text Citations also need to be noted.

CMS is short for the Chicago Manual of Style. It has a wide range of applications, such as humanities, social studies, business majors and so on. CMS citations come into two forms: annotation-bibliography (NB) and author-date.

Harvard Style is the reference standard for papers at Harvard University. Harvard dissertation reference standards are widely used in physics and the natural sciences. Harvard Style is a way of listing citations, both in the citations in the text and in the bibliography at the end of the book or text.

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