ACCT2213 Accounting in Organizations and Society - writing assessment case report

ACCT2213 is Accounting in Organizations and Society. It is one of the main courses in Accounting. The Assessment of ACCT2213 consists of three assessments. The first Assessment 1 is the Online Test. The second Assessment 2 is the Analysis & Interpretation of annual reports. The Final Assessment 3 is the Final Exam.

Assessment 1 Online Test: The Online Test will cover topics 1-4 and will include a combination of practical questions and MCQs. The best preparation for this task is to study the readings and questions in class presentations and texts; thus considering real cases of the enterprise. The beginning time is in the fourth week, accounting for 10%. If you still have questions about online testing, you can contact GPA Expert for help.

Assessment 2: Analysis & Interpretation of Annual reports. This task will be based on the annual reports and websites of the designated companies and will be completed by you alone. You will be asked to analyze selected companies and demonstrate an understanding of the interpretation and analysis of different financial statements. Your performance in analyzing (calculating and interpreting) will be evaluated. Due is in week 10, accounting for 40%. If you have no idea how to study the annual report, you can contact GPA Expert, it will help you analyze it more thoroughly.

The Assessment 3 Final Exam will take place during Exam week, that is, between October 24 and November 11. It will account for 50% of the Assessment. It is 2 hours long and the main focus of the exam is to cover selected topics that have not been examined or tested before. The final test may include multiple choice and short answer questions. Questions will be drawn from course material covered in lectures, tutorials, and relevant sections of the textbook. The tutorial questions provide insight into the nature of the test questions. The test questions will be both theoretical and applied and will be labeled accordingly. If you have a weak grasp of basic knowledge, you can choose a professional tutor in the GPA Expert.

AS ACCT2213 is one of the main courses of accounting, we need to pay enough attention to it. For more CASES, click GPA Expert.




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