MGMT5050 Professional Skills and Ethics - writing assignment case report

MGMT5050 is Professional Skills and Ethics, which is about Professional Skills and Ethics. There are three Assessments in MGMT5050 Professional Skills and Ethics:

Assessment 1: The teacher will tell the general requirements in class, 750words, and give you 1-2 weeks to complete, first give you a designated article, the rest of the reading list can be found in the school Model of UNSW, and the reference must be in the format of Harvard. The content and main topic should be written according to the assigned articles given by the teacher. Due Day is Week3, accounting for 15% of the total. The above is the general content of Assessment1. For details, refer to GPA Expert.

Assessment2 is the Individual Ethical Decision Making Report, which uses the tools and concepts developed in the first half of the course to analyze a business case using a seven-step Decision model. And at least one ethical framework must be applied, incorporating an understanding of stakeholders. Consider this situation: according to the seven-step model to analyze the work that has been done (you need to consider what works well and what could be done better) you will be required to study the case and need at least 3 additional papers to write the report, a total of 1700words, accounting for 30% is important. The due day is week7.

Assessment3 is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B, which account for 20% and 25% respectively. Part A is the weekly wiki with 150words per week, about 1,650 words, and 11 weeks. In Part B, A 4-minute Video is prepared. The final assessment task is designed to make you reflect on the course and how you have changed. When uploading the video, you can speak directly to the camera. If you don't understand something, GPA Expert can choose a professional teacher to explain MGMT5050.

The average score of MGMT5050 is 83 points after our guidance, among which the Weekly Wiki can be learned from GPA Expert, and the report and personal video also have notes and explanations. It is recommended that students without basic knowledge can consult in detail.





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