OENG1167 Engineering Capstone Project Part A – writing case report assessment

OENG1167 is Part A of the Engineering Capstone Project. The Assessment of this course consists of four assessments: Assessment 1 is a Project proposal and Risk Assessment; Assessment 2 is a Progress Report. Assessment 3 is the COB Report; Assessment 4 is Professional practice, contribution and presentation.

Assessment 1: Project proposal and risk assessment

You should clearly state the project issues, the scope of the work, and the agreed-upon project outcome contract. Your proposal should be about 8-10 pages, Due in week 4, and this part accounts for 15%. The above is the general content of Assessment 1. If you want to know more, you can refer to  GPA Expert.

Assessment 2: Progress Report

In this report, you will involve a complete executive summary, clear elaboration of the issues, literature review and benchmarking the definition of criteria and limitations, and preliminary conclusions. Progress reports are labeled independently. The typical progress report is about 20-30 pages long. Assessment 2 accounts for 50%. You have until 12 weeks to upload the report.

Assessment 3: COB report

In the report, your presentation should include details of project significance and stakeholders, existing technology, project design and engineering methods, technical progress, and a timeline. This task requires you to present a 10-minute presentation and 3-5 minutes of Q&A. Due is in week 13, accounting for 25%.

Assessment 4: Professional practice and contribution and presentation

You should write your engineering journal throughout the semester, and every student should prepare an engineering journal. It is recommended that you prepare a hard copy log for this task. However, digital engineering journals are another option to reflect your consistent work on design/research projects. If you choose a digital engineering journal, please let the instructor know. The completion time was 10% in the 12th week.

After our careful guidance, the average score of the students in OENG1167 is not less than 83 points, in which the key points of score can be learned in the Report on GPA Expert, and other assignments also have notes and explanations. It is recommended that students without basic knowledge can consult our professional teachers in detail. Create a suitable one for your own OENG1167 study plan!





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