MGMT5800 Technology, Management and Innovation – writing assessment report

MGMT5800 Technology, Management and Innovation consists of four assessments. Assessment 1 is an Online Quiz, Assessment 2 is a case analysis, and Assessment 3 is an Individual Report. Assessment 4 is individual attendance and class discussion.

Assessment 1 of MGMT5800 is an online quiz with an unlimited number of words. In this Assessment, the exam will be on Moodle. The proportion of this assignment is 20%, and the Due date is Week4, June 28, 3 PM. The above is the general content of Assessment 1. For details, please refer to GPA Expert.

Assessment 2 is a case study in which two drafts of documents are given and divided into two parts, AB.

In Section A, you should refer to the course outline for details of this Assessment - CSA Draft A first. You are required to complete the challenges and alternatives section of the C.A.S.E. analysis of the nominated case in about 700 words, neither less than 630 words nor more than 770 words. Also, don't put tables in your plan, and don't use appendices. This test accounts for 15%, and the Due day is Week6, July 8, 3 PM.

Section B covers the writing of solutions and executive drafts and should not exceed two pages with an expected word count of about 700. This time accounts for 15%. The Due day is Week8, July 22, 3 PM.

Assessment 3 is to complete an Individual Report of 1400words. The content of the report is a CSA-nominated case of Harvard Business School. Assessment 3 requires that you learned before based on management innovation theory and the case analysis of ASS 2, combined with concrete example is given to make a written report of the individual, to improve your understanding of technical management innovation comprehensive thinking, will probably not more than 4 pages, finally makes up about 35% than the more important, finish up has the certain difficulty, It can be solved through GPA Expert customer service contact. Choosing the right method will help you explore and learn more smoothly. Due Day is Week10, August 5, 3 PM.

Assessment4 is the assessment of your attendance and weekly class discussions, which will end up being 15 percent. If you don't understand something, please contact GPA Expert. You can choose a professional teacher to study MGMT5800.

After our guidance, the average score of MGMT5800 is 87. You can learn the key points of scores of case studies and quizzes from GPA Expert, and the Individual Report also has notes for attention and explanation. If you have no basic knowledge, you can consult in detail.





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