Research methods commonly used in a dissertation

The Survey method

The survey method is one of the most widely used methods in a dissertation. It collects the reality of the research object with a plan and purpose, so as to realize a deep understanding of the research object. The Survey methods usually include the conversation method, questionnaire method, case study method, test method and so on. Through the analysis, synthesis, comparison and induction of the collected research data, a general and regular understanding can be obtained.

Questionnaire survey is the most common form of the Survey method. It makes the questions to be investigated into questionnaires and distributes them to the research objects. Later, according to the collected results, it will be sorted out and analyzed. Its advantages are standard process, simple and efficient, a wide range of investigations and the protection of individual privacy. Its shortcomings are mainly reflected in the survey method not being flexible, sample recovery rate and effectiveness cannot being guaranteed, at the same time, investigators need to have a strong ability of data analysis and processing.

The Literature research method

The Literature research method is a research method based on a specific research purpose, through extensive investigation of literature to gather data, so as to comprehensively and accurately grasp the research problem. The Literature research method is widely used in various disciplines, especially in the humanities and social sciences parts. It has the characteristics of historicity, flexibility and creativity, which makes it helpful for researchers to deeply analyze the comparison between history and the current situations. It also contributes to understanding the bigger picture and collecting more realistic data for your dissertation. If you would like to learn more about the literature research method, please contact GPA Expert.

The Quantitative analysis method

The Quantitative analysis method enables people to have a more precise understanding of research objects, so as to more scientifically reveal rules and predict the development trend of things. Quantitative research has strict requirements for research rigor and objectivity. The Quantitative analysis method is widely used in business. It can be divided into five categories: ratio analysis method, trend analysis method, structure analysis method, comparative analysis method and mathematical modeling. Among them, the ratio analysis method is the basic method, the trend analysis, the structure analysis and the comparative analysis method are the extension, the mathematical model law represents the future development direction of the quantitative analysis.

The Qualitative analysis method

The Qualitative analysis is an analysis of the nature of the research object. It uses the methods of induction and deduction, analysis and synthesis, abstraction and generalization to process the obtained data, and finally achieves the purpose of seeing the essence through the phenomenon.

The specific methods of qualitative research are participatory observation, action research, historical research, and ethnographic method. Among them, the most commonly used method is participation observation, which can intuitively feel the experimental objects in all aspects, and through induction, abstract the specific data collected, which finally form a theory. Qualitative research methods are based on "grounded theory", which is a bottom-up process of forming theories. If you want to learn more about qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, please click on GPA Expert.

Experimental method

Experimental method is a kind of research method to discover the causal connection between things by controlling the research object. Its characteristics are:

1. It can artificially change the experimental conditions;

2. It can weaken or eliminate irrelevant interference factors;

3. It can provide the strongest factual support for experimental results.

Therefore, the experimental method is widely used in the field of natural science research.

Interdisciplinary perspectives

An Interdisciplinary perspective is a method for carrying out comprehensive research on a subject using theories, methods, and achievements of multiple disciplines, also known as the " Cross study Method".

Case study method

Case study method is a research method to obtain the individual characteristics of a specific object through investigation and analysis of the object. According to the nature of the research object, it can be divided into:

1. Individual survey;

2. Group survey;

3. Question survey.

The advantage of the case study method lies in the detailed investigation of the research object. However, because the investigation object is single and cannot represent the overall characteristics, the results of the case study method may not be objective.

The above is an introduction to several common research methods. If you want to write a decent dissertation, choosing the right research method is very important. If you need some help on your writing, please contact GPA Expert our customer service!





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