BUA4002 Introduction to Accounting and Finance – writing case quiz

BUA4002 Introduction to Accounting and Finance is a comprehensive course in finance and accounting. Assessment 1 is Weekly Quiz, Assessment 2 is personal homework, Assessment 3 is the mid-term Exam, and Assessment 4 is the Final Exam.

Assessment 1 in BUA4002 is a Weekly Quiz, the Weekly online Quiz. Each quiz is related to each week's lecture, so you must complete the lecture before taking the relevant quiz. The quiz will consist of 5 multiple choice questions for a total of 24 quizzes. You can take a maximum of two tests per test, and the highest score of the two tests is used to calculate your total grade. The proportion of this assignment is 10%, and the Due date is 11:55 pm on Week1-12 Sunday. The above is the general content of Assessment1, and refer to GPA Expert for details.

Assessment2 in BUA4002 is a three-part individual assignment. In this assessment project, you will be asked to provide accounting and financial advice for a fictitious business. Each person will be assigned a unique customer with unique data related to that customer's business. In addition, your clients expect you to prepare reports and make recommendations that will help them solve specific problems. Assessment 2 accounts for 30%. Due Day is11:55 pm on Week5/7/9 Sunday. If you're having trouble completing assignments, contact GPA Expert customer service.

Assessment3 is the mid-term exam. The mid-term exam is also part of the overall assessment of the unit. This test will include theoretical and computational questions related to the content of the topic. Tests only open a test window for a specified time, and you can only complete the test through this test window. This time accounts for 10%. Due Day is Week7. Assessment4 is the Final Exam. It is to test your theoretical application of the Introduction to Accounting and Finance and your ability to use theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems in practical work. The Final Exam accounts for 50% of the total score. The due Date is the Final Exam period. If you don't understand anything, you can explain BUA4002 in GPA Expert by teachers of your specialty.

With our guidance, the average score of BUA4002 is 87. You can learn the main score points by helping customers make suggestions and quizzes from GPA Expert. There are also notes and explanations for personal mid-terms and final exams.





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