BUSM4163 Business Consulting – writing case assessment report

BUSM4163 Business Consulting is one of the major Business courses. This course consists of 3 Assessment assignments, which are: Individual self-reflection Report, Group-work, and Final Report.

Assessment 1 is a personal assignment that requires you to complete a reflective report that demonstrates your understanding of business consulting concepts and methods. In this report, you will discuss your study in the first few weeks of the course, covering the scope of TOPIC1-4, showing your understanding and questioning of the course topics. This assignment will take up 30% of the work and its word count is 2000 words. It will be submitted before Week6. For details, please consult GPA Expert, and we can provide some classic samples from previous years.

Assessment 2 is a group assignment that involves recording a video of up to 15 minutes with the rest of the group. This assignment is worth 30% and is due by Week11. It's recommended to consult GPA Expert, where you'll get tips on group work, project reports for clients, and so on.

Assessment 3 is the Final Report writing. It accounts for 40%, and the deadline is Week13. It requires you to write a Report in a group based on the video recorded by ASS2, with a maximum of 3,500 words. GPA Expert has more professional knowledge and analysis, and will provide you with the greatest support and help!

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