BAFI3261 Global Financial Markets and Institutions – writing report case group project design

BAFI3261 is Global Financial Markets and Institutions. The Assessment for this course is made up of three assessments. Assessment 1 is the take-home mid-term Test; Assessment 2 is Group Project; Assessment 3 is the Individual Assessment.

About Assessment 1, Take-home Mid-term Test. The Mid-term exam will be a one-week take-home exam covering topics 1 to 5. There are five questions, and the interim test consists of a set of short-answer and scenario-based questions. Each question will have three parts, Part A (4 points), Part B (6 points) and Part C (10 points). The score reflects the difficulty of the question and is a guide to the number of words assigned to each section. The word requirement is 1500 words, and the Due date is September 11, the seventh week, accounting for 30%. The above is the general content of Assessment 1. If you do not understand the mid-term Test, please refer to GPA Expert.

Assessment 2 is Group Project. It requires you to form a team to participate in simulated transactions and provide written professional reports. The assessment is designed to demonstrate your ability to work in a team and take responsibility for your actions. Each member of the team should contribute equally to the completion of the assessment, as all team members will be graded according to the percentage contribution of the entire team. This report is about 3000 words in length and is due on October 9 in week 11. It accounts for 30% of the total evaluation.

Assessment 3 is the Individual Assessment. This task is a written task and needs to be done on your own. The purpose of the mission is to address current problems in global financial markets, financial institutions and instruments. It assesses your ability to use relevant information for analysis and critical judgment. It is required to be less than 3000 words. The Due date is October 30, week 14, accounting for 40%. If your basic knowledge is weak, you can choose your own professional teacher to tutor BAFI3261, please click GPA Expert to contact us.

After our careful guidance, the average score of BAFI3261 is 83 points, in which the scoring points of the mid-term Test and report can be learned on GPA Expert, and the group work also has notes and explanations. It is recommended that students without basic knowledge can consult our professional teachers in detail. Create a suitable BAFI3261 study plan!





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