ECON1086 Business in the Globalised Economy – writing case assessment report diagram

ECON1086 is Business in the Globalised Economy. There are three Assessment components in this course. Assessment 1 is Participation in the discussion board. Assessment 2 requires you to explain how global agricultural value chains work by drawing diagrams (graphs) in a 1,000-word report; Assessment 3 is a short report based on the conference.

Assessment 1, the teacher will present a discussion question to the students each week in your tutorial. The question asks you to discuss issues related to the business environment in a globalized economy. You need to discuss this on the Canvas discussion board. You must actively participate in this discussion to raise overall awareness. This task needs to be completed every week, accounting for 20%.

Assessment 2, suppose you were just graduated from college, and you're working as a consultant for a large company now. The company has a major project with the Australian government. The government has asked the company to produce a report on Australia's opportunities in the global value chain (GVC) in the Asia-Pacific region. The report should focus on GVCS in the agriculture/food sector. Your task is to provide background information and draw diagrams (graphs) to explain how the global agricultural value chain works. The word limit is 500-1000 words. The Due date is August 28th, the 6th week, accounting for 30%. If you don't understand the specific format and points of attention of ASS2, you can refer to GPA Expert.

Assessment 3, your boss is impressed on your works. Then they want you to attend an international conference. The conference will discuss the role of trade in the world's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and you will be asked to write a short report about the topic of the conference. You will also need to draw diagrams to explain your work in 1500 words, the Due day is in week 13, October 23. Assessment 3 accounts for 50%. If you don't know where to start, you can come to GPA Expert. You can choose your own professional teacher to help you with ECON1086.

Both ASS2 and ASS3 are required to write a report, and both explicitly require the use of diagrams in the report, which is a key point and a difficulty point. After our tutoring, the average supervised grade for this course is 83. If you're having troubles in drawing diagrams at your Report, contact GPA Expert.





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